APENS Structure

The Adapted Physical Education National Standards Project has two ongoing primary objectives:

The determination of current roles, responsibilities and perceived needs of practicing adapted physical educators required: a) the creation of an appropriate tool to collect this information; and b) the identification of a representative sample of practitioners to supply the needed information.

The first step in the job analysis was to review previous needs assessment instruments that had been used in the profession and to solicit input from the Executive and Steering Committees. With this information, the project staff developed and field tested a survey.

The second task was to identify a representative sample of practitioners to receive the survey. Since it was essential that the job analysis be completed by teachers who were actually practicing adapted physical educators, it was ultimately decided to identify exemplary K-12 adapted physical educators in each state and then to use this group as the sample. A stratified sampling plan was developed. This process resulted in a total sample size of 585 with each state contributing a weighted number of subjects based upon the population of the state. Two states were unable to produce the requested number resulting in the final sample size of 575.

These results were reviewed by the Steering Committee and divided into 15 broad areas. The members of the Steering Committee were then assigned 2-3 of these areas for which they were responsible for delineating the content with their individual Standards Committees. The 15 areas of specialized knowledge are shown below.

The content in each standard area was divided into five levels as shown in the example below:

The first three levels of each standard represent content that should be known by all physical educators. These levels were developed by the Steering Committee and reviewed and validated by the Standards Committees. The level 4 content represents the additional content adapted physical educators need to know to meet the roles and responsibilities of their positions. Level 5 contains example applications of the level 4 content that adapted physical educators would be expected to be able to demonstrate.

The majority of the work during year two of the project was devoted to delineating and validating the level 4 and level 5 content for each standard. The following process was used to create and validate the content: