The field of Adapted Physical Education is expanding at a rate such as never before. In order for certification to have meaning, it is essential that it be demonstrated that all CAPEs are current in the field. To do this, each CAPE must recertify every seven years. There are two methods for recertifying a CAPE. The hyperlinks will take you to the appropriate form.

NOTE: For each of the following forms, you need only provide evidence of what has changed since your last application.


If you are a Professional Physical Educator

A Professional Physical Educator who is applying under this option must provide verification or documentation of each of the following:

Valid general physical education teaching certificate.

Current CAPEs with 7 years experience teaching physical education for students with disabilities (this includes physical education services provided inside or outside of the general education setting).

Accrued fifteen (15) points in the following five (5) categories over the past seven (7) years:

Category (point value and maximum)

1) Elected official or board member of one (1) state or national adapted physical education/sport organization for a minimum of one (1) year (2 points per year for a maximum of 6 points).

2) Provided a presentation or inservice at a state or national level related to adapted physical education (1 point per presentation for a maximum of 3 points).

3) Have taken and successfully passed a 3-credit hour college or university graduate level course in adapted physical education (3 points per course for a maximum of 9 points).

4) Possess a valid adapted physical education state licensure/endorsement which required the successful completion of a minimum of four (4) semester credit courses in adapted physical education (3 points).

5) Supervised interns or student teachers in adapted physical education for a minimum of 200 hours (2 points).

In categories 1-3, up to three experiences can be counted. For example, in taking and successfully passing four adapted physical education classes, three of the four may be counted for a total of nine points from that category. Experiences in categories 4 and 5 may only be counted once.


This category is for Academics in Higher Education, Agencies, and/or Organizations.


Option #1:

Can provide appropriate verification or documentation of each of the following:

Major in physical education, adapted physical education (minimum of 15 hours), special education or related area in a doctoral program.

Taught a minimum of 2 years in higher education or public/private school environment in the area of adapted physical education.

Minimum of 9 semester hours during the past seven years of supervising college/university students in practica, internships, and/or student teaching related to the direct instruction of students with disabilities in physical education environments.

Option #2:

Provide verification or documentation of tenure and significant adapted physical education teaching responsibilities since 1993.

These individuals can apply to become a Certified Adapted Physical Educator (CAPE) without taking the examination IF they meet the alternative criteria described in Section #2 of each of the applications.

If you have any questions concerning the various applications or eligibility criteria, please contact us at (607) 753-4969 or email us at