In 1995 the National Consortium for Physical Education and Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities published the results of their Adapted Physical Education National Standards (APENS) Project. The purpose of the project was twofold: to develop national standards for adapted physical educators and develop a national certification examination to measure knowledge of the standards. The published standards are an initial attempt to describe the roles, responsibilities, and perceived needs of practicing adapted physical educators. The national APENS exam is an evaluation of how well practicing teachers know and understand the standards.

Where and When is the Exam?

The APENS Exam can be taken at any school on any date throughout the academic year. Please contact the APENS office to learn more about this convenient process (607) 753-4969.

The exam can also be taken at the annual National AAHPERD conference. If you are pre registered for the exam you should arrive no later than 8:45 AM. If you are registering on-site, you must visit the APENS Booth prior to the date of the exam. All APENS exams will be given between 9-12. Examinees should arrive no later than 8:30 AM to check in and complete an exam application. Please make every effort to PRE-Register prior to the national conference by contacting the APENS office at 607-753-4969..

How Much Does it cost?

The APENS National Certification fee is  $250.00.

Who is Eligible to take the Exam?

To be eligible to take the examination, teachers must meet the following criteria.

1. Bachelor's degree with a major in Physical Education or equivalent (e.g., Sport Science, Kinesiology, etc.).

2. A minimum of one 12-credit hour survey course in Adapted Physical Education
(9 hours in APE and 3 hours in related area).

3. A minimum of 200 hours of documented experience providing physical education instruction to individuals with disabilities.

4. A current valid teaching certificate.

How is the exam formatted?

The exam will be composed of 100 multiple choice questions designed to measure knowledge of adapted physical education. Teachers will be given 3 hours to complete the exam. The questions will be derived from the level 4 content form each of the 15 standard areas in the Adapted Physical Education National Standards manual.

How was the APENS examination developed?

The APENS Exam is the product of five years of development and evaluation work performed by over 500 members of the profession. (For more details, go to History and Methodology). During year three of the project, a database of over 2,000 potential test questions was developed based upon the level 4 content in the APENS manual. Each of these test questions was sent to 30 adapted physical educators, chosen from the larger group, who were asked to evaluate the item according to eight criteria. Their responses were compiled and analyzed and the questions revised accordingly.

During the fourth year of the project, the test items were administered to a national sample of 3,000 pre service and in-service teachers including adapted physical educators, special educators, regular physical educators and non teaching physical education majors. The responses of these groups were used to calculate the psychometric measures for each item (item difficulty, discrimination index, etc.) All of the data on the test questions were then reviewed by the Project Executive and Steering Committees and used in selecting the final ones that are used on the exam.

Finally, the validity of the exam was analyzed and tested. The validity analyzes whether the exam actually measures what it is intended to measure and whether the performance of an applicant on the exam is an indicator of performance on the job.

What do you get for passing the examination?

Teachers that pass the exam will be certified by the NCPEID for a period of 7 years. These teachers will be listed in the NCPEID's national registry of certified adapted physical educators. They will also be given a one year membership in NCPEID.

Successful candidates will receive a certificate documenting that they are certified adapted physical educators and will be able to list the initials CAPE after their name.

CAPEs will receive a free, one year, subscription to PALAESTRA, the quarterly publication of NCPEID. PALAESTRA: Forum of Sport, Physical Education and Recreation for those with disabilities is published in cooperation with both the U.S. Olympic Committee's Committee on Sports for the Disabled and the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance's Adapted Physical Activity Council.

APENS will begin publishing an ezine in the near future. This publication will be a forum in which CAPEs can share their challenges and the best practice solutions they have come up with. Access to this ezine will be restricted to members in good standing of APENS.

What Organizations have Endorsed the Adapted Physical Education National Standards?

APENS is currently winning endorsements from a variety of National organizations (see below). This growing recognition forms the backbone of a program to gain professional recognition and commensurate compensation from school districts across the nation. Currently, 13 States have recognized APENS, with Alaska being the latest to do so.1. American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

  1. American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation
  2. Adapted Physical Activity Council
  3. National Association for Sport and Physical Education
  4. American Association of School Administrators
  5. National Association of State Directors of Special Education
  6. National Association of Secondary School Principals

Adapted Physical Education National Standards-3rd Edition with Web Study Guide

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This text is the only complete guide to the adapted physical education national standards (APENS) and it now comes with a new web study guide with more than 1,100 sample test questions for educators who are studying to take the Certified Adapted Physical Educator (CAPE) exam. Every adapted physical educator must know these standards in order to pass the APENS exam and become a certified adapted physical educator (CAPE).

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Adapted Physical Education National Standards Web Study Guide-3rd Edition (web study guide only)

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For more information on registration and general assistance please contact course professor Tim Davis, Ph.D., CAPE at (607) 753-4969or